The Best Albums of 2010

6.  Robyn: Body Talk [Interscope]

While pop singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna get all of the attention, neither can hold a candle to Swedish singer Robyn.  This dandy little Swede became an international star with her breakthrough hit “Show Me Love,” many years ago.  Since then, she has blossomed into one of the most forward-thinking artists in the pop medium, and Body Talk is a testament to her ambition as an artist.  Body Talk is the sum of three albums; two full-length records and a third that is an EP.  Musically, Body Talk is a dance-pop album that touches several genres.  With the aid of a voice that has genuine versatility, Body Talk does trance, house, rap and dancehall all in one fell swoop.  As a further testament to the album’s versatility, Body Talk manages to include appearances by Royskopp and Snoop Dogg (when was the last time those two acts were featured in the same sentence?).   Indeed, Body Talk is a testament to the fact that it is possible to make irresistibly catchy music, without making it sound derivative.

Prime Cuts: Dancing On My Own, Cry when You Get Older,  None of Dem