The Best Albums of 2011: #11

tUne-yarDs: W H O K I L L

What’s that about? Or more appropriately: what the f*ck was that? One has to be overcome by such thoughts after listening to this wonderfully mesmerizing album.  w h o k i l l is the brain child of singer/multi-instrumentalist Merrill Garbus, whom along with bassist Nate Brenner comprise tUnE-yArDs (ignore the oddly spelled name). The music is a wonderful blend of quirky, upbeat lo-fi pop, that borrows from a wide variety of styles (Afro-pop, rap and 50’s doo-woop just to name a few). But what truly makes this album great is how creative it sounds, despite the simplicity in production and instrumentation. While the ecclesticism of w h o k i l l may be too much for some, this much is certain: no other recording artist is putting out music like this.

Select Cuts: Gangsta, Powa, Doorstep

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