The Best Albums of 2011: #12

TV on the Radio: Nine Types of Light

I have a confession to make: I have never been a fan of T.V. on the Radio. You might then ask, how Nine Types of Light ended up on this list. Oddly enough, I promised myself I would give this one a good listen, considering how highly regarded their previous work had been. I’m happy to say that the album doesn’t disappoint. The band’s music is routinely referred to as “art-rock.” But such a term is an over-simplification. Sure, the music gets out there a bit, but its also quite accessible. In fact, it grooves….a lot. Especially on songs like “Will Do” and “New Cannonball Run.” There are more subdued moments on the album like “Killer Crane”, but overall the album takes you to some fun places.

Select Cuts: Will Do, New Cannonball Run, Killer Crane, No Future Shock

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