Album Review: Cut Copy [Zonoscope]

Rating: 8.2

Label: Modular

Release Date: February 8, 2011

Eschewing the guitar-driven approach of past albums, Australian electro-pop band Cut Copy, elect to paint on a much larger canvas with their most recent album Zonoscope. The album moves effortlessly through different influences such as house (“Need You Now”), dance-pop (“Take Me Over”), and even glam-rock (“Where I’m Going”). Indeed,  Zonoscope takes you on a sonic journey that exposes you to an array of different beats, sounds, and textures. On one hand, the album recalls some of the best electronic music of recent vintage, while paying homage to classic 80’s pop.

Select Cuts: Pharaohs & Pyramids, This is all We Got, Hanging on to Every Heartbeat

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