The Best Albums of 2010

Now comes that time of the year where music lovers (like me) and music “experts” start to talk about the best albums of the year.  Over the last few days, we’ve seen several music critics roll out their “best of” lists.  A few of them can be found herehere, and here.  Here’s mine:

10.  Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More [Glassnote]

English-based folk-rock group Mumford & Sons may have recorded one of the most heart-felt records I’ve heard in some time.  Indeed, Sigh No More, is a powerful collection of songs that succeeds by bridging the gap between traditional and modern folk music.  In addition to great songcraft, the band’s music is enriched by terrific vocals, at times led by singer Marcus Mumford, and at other times led by 4-part harmony.  While the end result doesn’t push the envelop, the music is rich and earnest and deserving of attention.

Prime Cuts: Sigh No More, White Blank Page, Awake My Soul

5 thoughts on “The Best Albums of 2010

  1. Oh man… I cant hate until I see what 9-1 are, but I dont remember too many better albums than this one!

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