The Best Albums of 2010

8.  Surfer Blood: Astro Coast [Kanine]

Astro Coast is the debut album from West Palm Beach based quintet Surfer Blood.  In keeping with the spirit of their Florida upbringing, Astro Coast is at it’s core surf-style rock.  But to leave it at that would be an over-simplification.  These songs are heavy and plodding mostly with catchy melodies.  And just to round things out, there are also songs on here like “Take it Easy.”  A catchy little romp with a poly-rhythmic beat that makes it sound like something that might fit better on a Vampire Weekend album.  Lead singer John Paul Pitts’ boyish vocals — drenched in reverb — serve as a nice counterpunch to the heaviness of the guitars.  As a whole, the heavy feel reminds me of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine.  If you’re a experiencing a retro new-wave hangover, give this one a listen, it’s a pleasant departure from much of the music that dominates today’s airwaves.

Prime Cuts: Floating Vibes, Swim, Take it Easy, Anchorage

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