Good Vibrations

Arcade Fire

The Suburbs: 9.7

Label: Merge/Mercury

Release Date: August 3, 2010

Arcade Fire’s third and most recent release The Suburbs will change your life.  Well ok, it won’t change your life, nor will it solve world hunger.  But it is a damn fine album.

This Montreal outfit found lightning in a bottle on their full-length debut Funeral. They then managed to deliver on the promise of their impressive debut, with the sublime Neon Bible. With two great albums under their belt, there was much anticipation for album number three.   Boy did they deliver.   Indeed, The Suburbs is wonderful meditation on, well suburban life.  Brothers Win and William Butler grew up in Suburban Houston, so The Suburbs is in some ways an homage to that life.

While Arcade Fire does cover some of the same ground as previous albums, there are a few wrinkles.  Producer Markus Dravis (Coldplay, Brian Eno) returns, this time helping the band tweak their sound with more of an 80′s influence.  To wit, the heavily synthed track “Sprawl II” sounds like it came straight out of Mamma Mia.  Then there are others like the standout post-punk rocker “Month of May,” which serves as a welcome counter punch to more mellow tunes like “Modern Man,” which could easily pass for an Allan Parson’s B-side.  In the end, The Suburbs is a collection of music that succeeds in establishing Arcade Fire as one of the preeminent musical acts of the day.

Prime Cuts: The Suburbs, City with no Children, We Used to Wait


Choice Cuts: The Suburbs, City with no Children, We Used to Wait

One thought on “Good Vibrations

  1. Over hyped. Slowly but surely these guys will go from real rock stars to Nickleback. Just look at Kings of Leon. They went from StillWater to O-town when they canceled thier concert because a bird pooped on the drummer

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