Lost In Thought

The Series Finale

I find myself surprised and somewhat sad after watching last night’s series finale of Lost.  Years of twists and turns, sorrow and joy, and head-scratching plot twists, led me to believe that the finale would be more of the same: more questions than answers.  Yet I’m happy to say that the writers explained enough, and I sort of get it.

In a nutshell, the island has special powers.   Because of these powers, the island always had someone to serve as a custodian of its interests.  Jacob was chosen by his “mother” to be her successor as protector of the island.  He was to protect the island from those that would choose to do the island harm (including his brother, the Man in Black).  Jacob brings a group of people to the island as candidates to take over for him, in the event that he dies.  He chooses Jack & Co. because each of them has very little to go back to in their lives.  All of the subplots (The Others, The Other Others, Widmore and his cronies, Sayid as a hit man) are mostly tangential to the main plot of the show, which is ultimately just a battle between good and evil.  With the added sideways storyline, the plot gets a little more complicated, but the finale cleans it up and we realize that they were all in purgatory* and the coincidences that lead all of them to each other are simply a matter of destiny, creating the possibility for each of them to reunite in the afterlife.  As a complete non-sequitur, I had a flash back to the Seinfeld finale, when every minor character in the show ended up in the courtroom as the four main characters were being sentenced…..but yet I digest.

I really enjoyed the finale, I thought it was well done.  Instead of focusing on answering the many questions that were created throughout the series, the writers chose to focus on the characters and how they find redemption.   With this approach, the writers strike just the right note.  Of course, the finale was also sad in some ways.  Partly because we find out that not every character in the show has a happy ending (well they sort of do, but you get my point).  But partly because, as fans of the show, we’ve all come to enjoy and resent the mystery of the show.  And even when we became frustrated with all of the plot twists, we still came back for more because the show was a mindf*@#, akin to a bad habit or an ex-lover.  Now that the show is over, there’s clearly a void for all of us, for better or worse.

[Editor’s Note: Not a huge deal but my friend Aaron rightly pointed out that the sideways world was more so purgatory than heaven as I previously indicated.  It’s not obvious from watching the episode, but I do think that this is the right interpretation.]

2 thoughts on “Lost In Thought

  1. I’m pretty sure the message here is that whatever happens in your life, the relationships and lessons that get you to your redemption are more important than any of the stumbles/mistakes you take along the way. I summed it up to a friend just as you did here, it’s like a bad relationship. Five minutes after the end I swore I was done and would never go back…I’m off to rewatch the finale.

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