Idol Chatter

Its down to the final six.  This week the contestants performed songs from the Shania Twain catalog.  As much as I appreciate her immense popularity and success, I was less than thrilled with this week’s theme, but oh well.  Surprisingly, the performances were pretty strong overall.  It should be very interesting to see which contestant gets sent home.

Lee Dwyze: I didn’t really care for the performance.  Lee changed the melody a bit and I think it sounded weird.  In fact, I think the reason why it sounded “pitchy” as Randy put it, was because of that, but then what do I know.  Grade: B-

“Big” Mike Lynche: I probably would have enjoyed the performance more if I liked the song, but then you can’t carve rotted wood.  This grade may seem a bit high, but bringing the songwriter to tears has gotta count for somethin’  Grade: B+

Casey James: The best I’ve seen Casey since Jealous Guy.  He brought some emotion and he actually showed some singing chops.  The judges all loved it.  Grade: A-

Crystal Bowersox: I thought the arrangement was a little off.  A nice idea, but it just didn’t really flow.  The judges agree, but Simon kept it real the most by saying it was forgettable.  Grade: B-

Aaron Kelly: Although I don’t really care for Kelly, he really brought it home tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised, and the judges were too.  Grade: A-

Siobhan Magnus: Wow.  Siobhan was back on her game tonight after a few weeks on hiatus.  Grade: A

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