Idol Chatter

Sometimes you can go home

This week marked the first time that a former Idol contestant served as a mentor, with last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert serving in that capacity.  The cynic in me  says that the move was solely financial, but he was actually a breath of fresh air.  Particularly when he dismissed Simon’s criticism of Big Mike as being “too theatrical.”   This week was significant in another way.  Last week, Big Mike was the low man on the totem pole but was saved by the judges.  This means that two people will have to go home this week.  My guess is that Andrew Garcia is the one to go home.  I say this based upon his track record and his performance this week.

Crystal Bowersox: Excellent song choice from Ms. Golden Dreads herself.  Its almost tedious to remark on how good she is.  Grade: A (yawn)

Andrew Garcia: The first word of the performance signaled disaster.  Adam Lambert was dead-on; boooring…..reminds me of Tim Urban’s dreadful reggae-themed version of Under my Thumb.  Randy didn’t get it, neither did I.  Seacrest asks why the judges felt differently than her…..because they’re not comedians, they’re producers and musicians!   Grade: C+

Tim Urban: I was pleasantly surprised with Urban’s take on I Can’t Help Falling in Love.  He’s not a great singer, but here, he put his best foot forward.  Not that that matters though.  After all he is the darling of Idol’s most cherished demographic: 13-year old girls.  Grade: A-

Lee Dwyze: I don’t know what it is about this guy.  He just does nothing for me.  The vocals were pretty solid and I like the scratchy voice.  It just seems so bland.  The judges ate it up nonetheless.  Grade: B+

Aaron Kelly: This guys just needs to go…  Song was way to big for him.  Kara liked it, thankfully Simon was the voice of reason.  Grade: C-

Siobhan Magnus: Some of the judges felt the “old” Siobhan was back.  Although I thought Simon and Kara were a little rough on the girl, I kind of agree.  She’s got a big voice, no doubt.  But all that screeching get’s a little old, especially when its off pitch.  Grade: B-

Michael Lynche: “Big Mike” goes to his sweet spot with another ballad.  The judges, who are pressed for time, all like it with Simon especially heaping lavish praise on the performance.  A-

Katie Stevens: I didn’t love it, but she showed some chutzpah.  The judges liked it, Ellen finally proved her worth with a well-timed joke, and Simon didn’t care for it.  Grade: B

Casey James: Didn’t really love the song.  Simon kinda summed up my feelings.  With all the hits in the Elvis catalog, why that one?  The vocals were solid but the performance was pretty limp.  Grade: B-

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