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And then there were 9…..

This week the idolettes get to slaughter (er sing) songs from the storied Beatles catalog.  At the outset, Simon properly notes that not all Beatles songs will need to be altered.  Thankfully, most of the performances were pretty good as were some of the arrangements.

Aaron Kelly: As “The Long and Winding Road” begins, Kelly opens up the tune quite well, but then it gets rocky, which has pretty much been his M.O. all season. Good at times, and quite dreadful at others.  The judges add that he’s a bit boring; I agree.  Grade: C

Katie Stevens: Not bad, not bad.  Stevens sings “Let it Be” pretty well.  I didn’t love it, but for her it was pretty darn good.  Randy agrees.  Grade: B+

Andrew Garcia: A pretty interesting interpretation of “Can’t Buy Me Love.”  I thought it was decent.  Probably more in line with Randy Jackson.  Not great, but entertaining.  Grade: B

“Big Mike” Lynche: I give Mike some props for the arrangement.  Not an easy song to sing, especially in that manner.  All the judges except Simon Cowell love it, but I’m convinced he’s got it in for “Big Mike” because he’s always throwin shade on the guy.  As far as I’m concerned, the “bromance with Big Mike continues…..  Good: A-

Crystal Bowersox: The queen jewel of Idol land decided to go with “Come Together.”  Don’t get me wrong, I love her voice, but I really wasn’t feeling the performance, perhaps because its been done too many times.  Still, her vocals carried the day, so I’ll give Crystal her due.  Grade: B+

Tim Urban: Not bad.  I’m with Randy: for him it was a good performance.  No wow factor here, but good.  Song choice was key.  Grade: B

Casey James: Apparently the wardrobe/makeup folks didn’t get the memo on Beatles week.  They must have thought it was Bee Gees week as they dressed Casey up as a Robin Gibb clone.  As for the vocal, it was pretty damn good.  Just him and a cellist singing Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.”  For once Casey showed a little chutzpah.  Grade: A-

Siobhan Magnus: First off, what is the deal with that dress? Ouch!  The vocal?  Just OK.  I love the song she sang – “Across the Universe” – but she didn’t do anything with it.  In fact it was quite drab.  Ellen referenced Rufus Wainwright’s take on the song, which I loved; but this was not that.  Grade: C+

Lee Dewyze: Bringin’ in the rear with “Hey Jude,” Lee does alright.  I mean the performance was pretty spirited with the bagpipes and the sing-along but it didn’t blow me away.  Grade: B

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