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America’s Top Ten

I was a little surprised with the performances and song choices [see Tim and Siobhan].  You would think that at this point, some of these contestants would figure out a way to step up the game, but that just hasn’t happen for some.  On the other hand, there are a few contestants that get it, and continue to prove why they are the front runners.  Here’s a look at the performances.

Siobhan Magnus: I love me some Chaka Khan, but I’m not sure if I dug the song choice here.   The performance also seemed a bit odd.  Siobhan has emerged as this quirky spunky powerhouse, yet she decided to sing an 80s ballad, and sang it almost identically to the original.  The vocal wasn’t much better.  Thankfully the judges agreed.  Grade: C

Casey James: I was pleasantly surprised.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam & Dave, I just didn’t think it would sound all that great.  Overall, the performance was solid, but there wasn’t much in the way of vocals.  FOR ONCE I agreed with Ellen; pretty safe.  Grade: B

“Big” Mike Lynche: I agree with Randy, this guy is in the zone.  He’s got a great voice, and he uses it effectively.  I wasn’t really feeling the song, but it really worked.  Surprisingly, Simon agreed.  Grade: A

Didi Benami: “What becomes of the Brokenhearted”?  Really? Well, aside from the “Tell Me! Tell Me!” part it wasn’t that bad.  The judges REALLY weren’t feeling it.  I thought they were a bit harsh, but I do think Kara has a point.  She has lost her way.  Grade: C+

Tim Urban: I’ve seen a lot of strange song choices on Idol, but this one takes the cake.   For some odd reason, Urban decided to turn Anita Baker’s beautifully crafted song “Sweet Love” into a cheap imitation of what it would sound like if Michael Buble covered it.  Grade: C-

Andrew Garcia: Wasn’t really feeling the song or the performance.  However, it was a vast improvement from last week’s debacle.   Moreover, the rest of the performances were pretty rough tonight (save Big Mike) so Andrew’s stood out.  Grade: B

Katie Stevens: She looked the part with the sassy threads, but the voice just couldn’t match up to the look.  All but one judge  [Simon] loved it.  I beg to differ.  Grade: C

Lee Dwyze: I didn’t really like the song but he sang it well.  I’m not ready to canonize the guy, as it appeared the judges were, but I’ll give him his due.  Grade: B+

Crystal Bowersox: Technically, the performance was not her best, but it was her most ambitious.  I was a little nervous when she said she was a little rusty on the piano but she did her thing.  It almost doesn’t matter what she sings.  She’s long since established herself as the one to beat, and this performance did nothing to change that.  Grade: A

Aaron Kelly: Ouch.  Brutal.  At this point its a race to the bottom between Kelly and Urban.  Conveniently, the judges gave him a pass; even Simon.  Grade: D+

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