Idol Chatter: Commentary (rant)

A few weeks ago I remarked on my frustration with the judges.  In short, they’re grossly inconsistent and pretty bad hiding personal biases.  After finally watching Tuesday’s show I stand firm in my belief.  Before I go on, let me just say, thank GOD for Simon Cowell.  It should go without saying that next year with him gone, the show will have as much of a shelf life as the rumor floating around town that Paula Abdul would be the next host of Star Search.  But yet I digest….. “Big” Mike Lynche gives a tremendous performance following  mostly dreadful ones and the reception from the judges is ice cold.  None of them loved it, and several said it was very “loungey” if not boring.  A few performances later, resident stud muffin Casey James took the stage.  What ensued was an unoriginal and uninspired rendition of Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love.”  Now I love Huey Lewis & The News as much as the next guy but come on!  Ellen, who I continue to argue has no business judging the show, had the temerity to say that it was the “best vocal of the night.”  Not surprisingly, Kara loved it heaping continued praise on Casey.  She then claimed that he was ready to record an album.  Randy loved it too.  Thankfully, Simon injected a bit of reality into the show by stating the obvious fact that Casey did nothing to the song.   Now I’ll give the guy props  for showin’ off some decent licks on the ax, but it was just alright for me.

The judges are always quick to say that this is a singing competition, yet Casey showed very little in the way of vocal chops so what gives?  I guess he just has the look, so they want to continue to slurp him even though he’s the third 4th best contestant on the show at best……just sayin.

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