Idol Chatter: The Top 12

Who knew that Rolling Stones week would bring out so many wacky interpretations?  One thing I’m happy to see is that the performances are getting better with each week.  Although I didn’t see any knockout performances, there weren’t any real stinkers either.

Michael Lynche: Way to run em back! “Miss You” by the Stones has never sounded funkier.  It was if Luther Vandross was covering the Stones. Quite ballsy with the arrangement but I love this guy’s falsetto.  Simon says he looked desperate, I say bull.  Grade: A-

Didi Benami: Not bad.  She’s got better pipes than I ever thought.  She’s got the look of an Idol, still not sure if she’s the real deal.  Grade: B+

Casey James: More of the same.  See my comments from last week.  I’m with Simon on this one.  Grade: B-

Lacey Brown: Surprisingly, the arrangement wasn’t that bad.  On the other hand, the vocals? ouch!  I think she came back down to earth.  Grade: C+

Andrew Garcia: This guy is officially “Bizarro David Cook.”  Takes songs and turns them on their heads….except not in a good way, (“Straight Up” notwithstanding).  What an awful arrangement.  The vocals weren’t good either, despite the fact that he has a great voice.  Ellen proves again why she has no business being a judge on Idol as she says it was his best performance so far….jeesh!     Grade: C-

Katie Stevens: I thought it was ok.  Not bad, not great.  I don’t see her going very far, but it was an improvement from last week.  Kara agrees.  Grade: B-

Tim Urban: “Under My Thumb” Jack Johnson style? Not for me.  I think a lot of these folks are taking personal interpretations a bit too far.  To say nothing of the fact that the vocal was pretty limp.  Kara gives him props for doing something different, but so what?    Grade: C

Siobhan Magnus: Weird beginning and I didn’t like the look but I give her props for the voice, wow!  Grade:  A-

Lee Dewyze: Whenever I see this guy perform, I think of the guy that plays guitar and sings at Potbelly; good voice, but the winner of American Idol?  I think he needs to get rid of the guitar.  He seems too focused on his playing.  Grade: B-

Paige Miles: Wow, I didn’t think I’d like it but it worked.  She’s got the biggest voice in the competition and it was on full display tonight.  The judges aren’t really feelin’ her, and I kinda see why, but man can she sing (laryngitis and all).   Grade: A-

Aaron Kelly: Odd entrance.  Not a bad performance.  He’s better when the vocals are scaled down a bit.  I was a bit bored, but it was infinitely better than last week’s performance.  Grade: B+

Crystal Bowersox: After two weeks on top, Crystal finally came back to earth.  Hardly damning as it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I really didn’t like the arrangement, but whatever, I could listen to her read the phone book.   Grade: B

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