Idol Chatter: This One’s For the Boys

Much like the women last night, the guys continued to show improvement.  Michael Lynche leads the way with his finale.  I still believe the winner of this year’s competition will be a woman, but who knows, its a long season.

Lee Dewyze: I’m not familiar with the song so that kinda put me off a bit.  He’s got the O.A.R. quasi-granola vote sealed up.  Otherwise a “meh” performance.  A few “pitchy” spots but it was aight.  Grade: B

Alex Lambert: Enter Lambert, this season’s Jason Mraz clone.  Great voice, zero stage presence.  Mostly a boring performance.  Grade: B-

Tim Urban: I’m surprised if not shocked.  Two weeks ago this guy was dreadful.  Apparently he’s been taking good advice.  The judges seemed to agree.  Ellen liked it so much she had to run on stage and give him a hug.  Grade: B+

Andrew Garcia: I’m sorry but there’s just something odd about a man performing “Genie in a Bottle.”  Setting aside the optics, it just didn’t pop.  If you’re gonna take a song and turn it on its head its gotta have that wow factor.  This one made me say whoa.  If he were a woman, he’d be Katelyn Epperly; lotsa talent, little vision.  Grade: C+

Casey James: Solid performance.  Never made me say wow, but this guy gets it and he knows how he wants to approach the competition.  Grade: B

Aaron Kelly: Ouch.  Easily the worst of the night so far.  The big notes couldn’t even save him, or me for that matter.  There were some serious pitch problems.  Randy says “job well done.”  WTF?  Simon laid the smack down on Kara, but didn’t wholeheartedly embrace it either.  Grade: D+

Todrick Hall: Trying to pull off Queen’s “Somebody to love me” is an automatic bonus.  I wasn’t thrilled with it, but at least he tried to bring it.  There were some “pitchy” parts but there were also some great parts.  Grade: B-

Michael Lynche: Wow.  The balls keep getting bigger.  In full disclosure, I f*cking love this song.  One of my favorite Kate Bush songs, made famous by Maxwell who did his own wonderful take. I’m a little surprised, I think he did a great job.  He absolutely killed it with the falsetto.  So much that he drove Kara to tears.  The judges loved it, including Simon who said it was the best of the live performances so far.  Grade: A

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