Lost in Thought: Sundown

This week it’s Sayid’s turn.  Indeed, each episode of this season has included a running storyline in the form of a flash forward, backward, sideways, or otherwise venture into an alternate dimension.  Within this storyline, a different character’s “parallel” has been explored as if Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 never crashed on the island.  Its a pretty good episode on balance.  Some great fighting scenes and some interesting parallels between the alternate storyline and what is taking place on the island.  Here are a few of my observations and questions.


Who are the “Other others” and when did they get here? Dogen (the leader of the Other Others) tells Sayid the story of why he came to the island.  This conversation, coupled with the scene at the lighthouse last week makes it clear that all of the inhabitants were drawn to the island at different times, yet all for one common purpose.


What is so sacred about the temple? Claire tells Dogen that “Alternative Locke” wants to see him.  He responds that as soon as he leaves the grounds of the temple he will be killed.  What is it about the temple that makes it a safe haven for them?  At the end of the episode Sayid murders Dogen by drowning him.  Almost immediately, Alternative Locke morphs into his alter ego, the “Black Smoke Monster” and wipes out all of the non-believers still occupying the temple.  Who was that guy?

How come Alternative Locke is invincible but Jacob isn’t? Sayid plunges a knife into his gut and he pulls it right out Wolverine-style.  Benjamin Linus did the same thing to Jacob and he croaked.  What gives?  And I take it this guy doesn’t bleed either?

Where did Llana take the Ben and the rest of the gang? She pushed a brick in which opened a secret door, saving several lives.  Where does this door lead?

This is all shaping up as the ultimate battle between good and evil.  But who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? Sayid casts his lot with Alternative Locke.  Is he the bad guy, he’s painted out to be or is Jacob.  Or, perhaps, there both bad and all of the inhabitants of the island are just pawns.  I’m going with that last option for now.

Per the norm, each episode brings forth more questions than answers.  Still, there are ten episodes left.  So hopefully we’ll figure out some of this stuff at some point.

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