Idol Chatter: “Update”

On last night’s show we said farewell to four contestants.  I have to say I’m a bit surprised.  Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady were the four that got the boot.  With both guys and girls you could have found multiple candidates for the ax.  Thankfully, viewers more mostly dead-on with the women.  Ashley graded out the lowest in my book, so I’m not surprised.  Although I had Janell down for a “C” grade, I still didn’t think she was the worst.  I thought Lacey Brown’s rendition of landslide was much more deserving for an exit.  But whining over a distinction like this would be like arguing over whether Texas Roadhouse is better than TGIFridays.

As for the guys, I think America got it a bit wrong.  I had Joe Munoz down for a C+ and Tyler down for a B-.  Again, we’re probably splitting hairs here because neither was particularly good.  But Tyler was at least interesting with his arrangement of “American Woman,” overblown rockstar shtick notwithstanding.  Moreover, Idol viewers seem to eat up guys like that (see Ace Young, Michael Johns, and Constantine Maroulis), so I would have thought he’d be safe.  Not to mention the fact that the worst performer in the competition (previously exiled Tim Urban) managed to “stay on the island.”  One week in, I’m unimpressed with everything.  I could deal with the group ensemble performances (thanks DVR) and all the b.s. from the judges, because there were always people to root for.  This season, the closest I’ve come is Andrew Garcia who I think is genuinely talented… will be interesting to see how far he lasts.

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