Lost in Thought: “Lighthouse”

In a previous post I listed some questions that needed to be answered.  I’ve decided to add a few more to the mix.  But first, let’s see if we got any answers to our previous

1.  The alternate storyline: We still have no idea which reality truly exists or what year we’re in on the island.

2.  Who the hell is Jacob? What about the other guy? Still no clue on who these guys are and why they hate each other so much.

3.  Who are the “Other others?”  We know they were drawn to the island like everyone else, but where were they during the previous three years?  Did they come over all at once or in spurts?

4.  Where was Claire the whole time? From the looks of it, she’s been in hiding for the last three years, guided only by the “bad guy” now inhabiting Locke’s body.  It appears that she’s been waged in a war with the Other Others over the disappearance of her son Aaron. 

5.  Whats the deal with Sayid? At this point, all we know is that his body has been taken over by some “sickness.”  Apparently, this is the same thing that has afflicted Claire.  Which begs the question…….

6.  How was Claire Infected with this “Sickness”?

7.  Is the Same Bad Guy in Locke’s Body, Also the Same One in Jack’s Father’s body? I say this because I wonder how Claire and this bad guy are such good friends?  In last night’s episode she tells Jin that she has not been by herself throughout the last three years, she’s been with her “friend” who she identifies as the Bad Guy.

8.  Why is Hugo the Only Guy that can See Jacob?

9.  What’s the deal with the Lighthouse.  We See Now that All of the Inhabitants of the Island were Drawn Here by Jacob, but Why?

10.  In this alternate Universe, to Whom was Jack Married? We see that Jack has a son in this alternate universe.  Who is the mother?

11.  One last question.  Who is Jacob trying to summon to the island?

In the final season we see the story line moving ever so slowly to an explanation (at least in part) of what it all means.  Specifically, how and why everyone was brought to the island.  Hopefully, this get’s answered at some point or I’m gonna be pissed.  My friend Smitty suggested a “Who shot J.R.” situation (yes I’m dating myself with the Dallas reference) in which this was all some elaborate dream, but I doubt that highly.  If it comes to that, I’d be very worried for my safety if I were a “Lost” writer.  There will be a lot of angry people if it comes to that! (I kid I kid)

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