The Best Movies of the 2000s

#16.  The Dark Knight [2008]: Christopher Nolan’s supremely crafted crime thriller earns a “distinction” on my list by the mere virtue that it is the greatest movie ever made about a comic book character.  Yes you read that correctly.  No doubt Tim Burton’s Batman raised the bar pretty high, shattering the misconception that a movie based upon a superhero couldn’t also be  great film.  What followed were a series of superhero themed movies (Spiderman, Iron Man) that were well directed, fun, and entertaining.

Still, The Dark Knight is a game changer.  Its well shot, suspenseful, and the cinematography is excellent.  Christian Bale returns as the caped crusader playing the role in such a way that Michael Keaton’s performances two-decades prior are but a distant memory; weird voice notwithstanding.  But what makes the movie shine is Heath Ledger as the Joker.  Much like Jack Nicholson did in Burton’s version, Ledger stands out as one of the great acting performances of the last decade.  Where Nicholson’s role was more comical, Ledger does the same, but is much more dark.  So much in fact that its hard to imagine how Ledger could have gone from his role in Brokeback Mountain to playing the Joker.  Anyway, comic book hero or not, The Dark Knight is top notch.

5 thoughts on “The Best Movies of the 2000s

  1. Finally, a movie I have at least seen! I also have seen Gladiator in all honesty. Sorry I can’t do The Pianist. I will be trying a number of your other top movies, but The Dark Knight was an excellent cinematic experience. Thanks for putting something on the list that had some broader pop appeal.

    Thanks for doing the list, I enjoy checking the blog for the next entry.

  2. Ledger’s Joker is the best villian of all time, I say. Every scene of his is VERY re-watchable, too. The scene with the mob bosses in the kitchen and the hospital scene with Dent are INCREDIBLE!

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