The Best Movies of the 2000s

#23.  Waltz with Bashir [2008]:

In many ways, Waltz with Bashir is the most unique movie I’ve seen in quite some time.  At the very least its the most unique on my list.  At first glance, it may simply appear as an animated feature but its actually a documentary.  Written and directed by Ari Folman, the film chronicles Folman’s experiences serving in the Israeli army during Israel’s war with Lebanon in 1982.

As an animated feature, the film is one to marvel.  Visually, the feel of the movie is stylish, yet provacative.  The animation style looks similar to  interpolated rotoscoping (see A Scanner Darkly) in which animation is transposed over live footage.  Filled with music from various Israeli recording artists, the score does an excellent job of underscoring each scene.

On the whole, Waltz with Bashir is a brilliant movie.  Folman uses the film quite ably as a mechanism to work through  what was obviously a trying time in his life.  Although it is an animated documentary, the closing scene in the film truly brings home the realism of Folman’s experience.

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