The Greatest Albums of the 2000s

Silentalarmcover#9.  Bloc Party, Silent Alarm (2005): Yes, yes Amanda I know, you told me so.  Like a few other albums on my list, this one took quite a while for me to appreciate.  This despite seeing them live several years before.  Indeed, it took a second show for me to appreciate the energy of the music on Silent Alarm. Putting together a collection of guitar driven rock, Bloc Party emerged from the post-punk movement of the early 2000s that produced bands like Interpol and Franz Ferdinand- the band that discovered them.  But to lump these guys in with the other dozen or so bands that emerged around the same time would sell this album short.  The new-wave feel of this album, characterized in part by precision drumming, a wall of guitars, and the uniqueness of lead singer Kele Okereke’s vocals, put Silent Alarm in its own different sub-category.  Perhaps the song that best exemplifies their signature sound is the sex-fueled track “Banquet.” With a catchy hook and a disco influenced groove, this is Bloc Party at its best.  Not to be outdone, the semi-ballad “So Here We Are” comes in towards the end of the album with lush guitars, the constant snap of a snare, and a richness of emotion, showcasing the band’s versatility.

The beginning of the decade was marked with a slew of similar sounding records aimed at capitalizing on the resurgence of punk.  Few matched the dynamism of Silent Alarm.

Faves: Like Eating Glass, Banquet, Pioneers, So Here We Are, Luno



2 thoughts on “The Greatest Albums of the 2000s

  1. Love it! I’m just confused as to why it took you a few years to love this album after we saw their show 😉
    ps–really enjoying reading your posts. Couldn’t agree more about Iron & Wine, would have to say I disagree with your KOL post–like don’t love that album, although Knocked Up is my ring tone because I love the funky/goosebumpy intro…

    • You should be confused because you were right! I guess it takes me a loooooong time to love an album. I think you were a much bigger fan of KOL, long before I was…..and I’m sure I’m missing other examples.

      Glad you like it, I’ll keep em coming!

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