The Greatest Albums of the 2000s (#10)

Sheperd's-dog#10.  Iron & Wine- The Shepherd’s Dog (2007): Sam Beam, aka “Iron & Wine” spent most of his career as a disciple of folk legends like Nick Drake and Simon and Garfunkel, recording soulful, yet intimate lo-fi acoustic music.  On his second full-length album, Our Endless Numbered Days, Beam took a small step away from his previous recording approach.  Instead of just guitar, vocals and a four track, he brought in a few musicians; most notably his sister Sara.  He eschewed his home studio for a professional one, then brought in producer Brian Deck of Modest Mouse and Gomez fame.  Well, if Numbered Days was a small step, The Shepherd’s Dog is a giant leap.   Instead of Beam’s signature somber voice, there’s actual effects layered over a rich mixture of traditional and not so traditional sounds.  Don’t get me wrong, its not that he steers clear off-course here; rather Shepherd’s Dog is a welcome evolution.  Beam’s brand of traditional southern folk still comes through.   It’s just that there’s far more richness and color here. On “Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog)” Beam channels his inner Gary Wright with some old-fashioned blue-eyed 70’s soul.   Arguably the strongest track on the album is the brilliant romp “Boy with a Coin.” Against a backdrop of hand clips and guitars, the song speaks of youth and the innocence that comes with it.  Even when he comes home to his signature sound on “Resurrection Fern,” he does so “Nashville-style” with a lap-steel guitar.  Beyond the strength of the writing and production, the album is varied.  Its fun, emotional, yet engaging all at the same time.  If you ever thought Iron & Wine was a bit too low-key for your taste I challenge you to give it another look, you won’t be disappointed.

Faves: Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car, Lovesong of the Buzzard, Boy with a Coin, Innocent Bones, Flightless Bird American Mouth

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Albums of the 2000s (#10)

    • Thanks for the wonderful comments. I couldn’t agree with you more. I listened to it again last night and I almost think I should have ranked it higher. Truly a great album. Glad you enjoyed as much as me!

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