The Greatest Albums of the 2000s

Norah_Jones_-_Come_Away_With_Me#15.  Norah Jones- Come Away with Me (2002): The first time I heard “Don’t Know Why,” the breakthrough single from this album, I really didn’t know what to think of it; beyond the thought that I loved the sound.  Jones as a vocalist-  Dusty Springfield meets Billie Holiday- along with a roster of seasoned jazz musicians put together a rich collection of material.  The songs are both original compositions, and songs from the great American songbook.  As a result, this album delivers a collective sound that is as familiar as it is unique.  Jones’ soft silky voice is like comfort food to the ears and the music behind it is makes you feel like you’re listening to old jazz standards when its really just good pop music…..and who doesn’t love good pop?

Faves: Don’t Know Why, Seven Years, Cold Cold Heart, Shoot the Moon

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