The Greatest Albums of the 2000s

4113-turn-on-the-bright-lights#18.  InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights (2002): In addition to recording one of the darkest albums of the decade, NYC indie rock band Interpol managed to put out one of the finest.  Much like the music of their post-punk forefathers Joy Division, this album most often appears dark in its mood, while packing the occasional punch.   Upbeat tracks like the straight ahead rocker “PDA” provide welcome contrasts to the album’s darker moments.  Even at its darkest, TOTBL is often times an album of balladry.  Lead singer Paul Banks promises in the opening song: “I will surprise you sometime….I’ll come around……when you’re down.”  Give this album a listen when you’re down, it’ll surprise you.

Faves: Untitled, Obstacle 1, NYC, PDA

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